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Mechanical and thermal stability of grapheneand graphene-based materials

Mechanical and thermal stability of grapheneand graphene-based materials


Physics- Uspekhi V. 57, No. 10. pp. 970-989 (2014) ©2014 Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk

A. E. Galashev, O. R. Rakhmanova


Abstract - Graphene has rapidly become one of the most popular materials for technological applications and a test material for new condensed matter ideas. This paper reviews the mechanical properties of graphene and effects related to them that have recently been discovered experimentally or predicted theoretcally or by simulation. The topics discussed are of key importance for graphene's use in integrated electronics, thermal materials, and electromechanical devices and include the following: graphene transformation into other sp2 hybridization forms; stability to stretching and compression; ion-beam-induced structural modifications; how defects and graphene edges affect the electronic properties and thermal stability of graphene and related composites.




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